Treasure Mills and Feedback

One of the more popular posts I have is about Treasure Mills Snacks.  I have quite enjoyed them and have been spreading information on how great I think the products are.  Recently I received an email from a reader who had some nasty and worrisome information on Treasure Mills.  I did do some research on the information that was sent to me and started to feel that the comment sender was not being completely truthful and perhaps was disgruntled at the company.  After doing some of my own research I contacted the company through email and received a phone call shortly after I sent the email.  After reviewing the facts and speaking to the company I am quite comfortable in saying that I will continue to use the Treasure Mills products.  I have decided to add at the end of this page the email that was sent to me by the Treasure Mills representative, although I am not comfortable with adding the comments that first sparked  all of this.  If you are interested in reading the negative comments sent about Treasure Mills, please let me know and I will consider your request as I feel it is important that individuals make their own decisions.  If you have any further questions or comments I would be very interested to hear them.

Please find the email below:

Hi ****, thank you very much for taking my call today in regarding to our company.

Treasure Mills is proud of the products we produce and above all we put our customer safety along with their complete satisfaction first above all. ( Please see enclosed our Mission statement)  As a food manufacture we are inspected by various government agencies. One specific one is the health boards in addition to that; we are more closely inspected and scrutinized by 3rd party auditing companies that act on behalf of our clients that we sell too. Which includes not only the largest retailer in the world Wal-Mart, but many others such as Costco, Sobeys, IGA, Metro, Federated Co-op, Overwaitea, Save On Foods, Whole Foods US and Canada, Loblaw’s plus numerous other local independent retailer as well as national food service accounts, like Compass and Aramark.

It is important to note that our latest GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices) Audit was conducted in late August 2009 by SGF which is the worlds largest Food Safety Auditing Company and we scored  92.5%, which is considered to be an excellent mark and we are very proud of. Treasure Mills operates in a 30,000 sq/ft state of the art facility that is 10 years old and was built specific for our bakery, which provides for an above average food facility, which we are!

Also , let me say that earlier this early on July 9, 2009 we experienced a recall on our Brownies, it was due to having “undeclared Milk ingredient” in the brownies. We acted immediately upon be notified and recall all products within 24 hrs across Canada and the US and had product back in most stores with 7 days. We have since put specific procedures in place to insured this type of thing is eliminated from happening again.  As a result of this recall, we have made our Brownies along with Banana Choc Chip and Carrot snack cakes, dairy free.  

Some other point to consider is that over the past 5 years we have hired staff from time to time that do not support the company’s policies. As such it is the company’s policy to terminate these individuals on the spot and escorted them from the building immediately so as to never compromise the quality and safety of our products. Doing this, we some times will encounter those individually who try to slander our company as result of this action.  

I would like to thank you for allowing me this opportunity to speak on behalf of my company on how we manage our company and some issue that we have encountered. I would also like to thank each and everyone for trusting us with their family’s safety and for purchasing our products.   

Sincerely yours

Robert D. Johnson

President & CEO

Treasure Mills Inc.

1125 Kerrisdale Blvd

Newmarket, Ont.  L3Y 8W1

Ph: (905) 853-7430 Ext.#25

Fax: (905) 853-5447


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